Our student services are completely free. We are funded by Australian education Institutions.

We are funded by Australian education institutions so we don’t charge you any service fees. You pay only the cost of your government visa application, compulsory health insurance and course fees.

You can, but for the same amount you pay you can have experienced migration agents look over your visa application and aply and take care of all correspondence with your education institution, as well as having full support and Oz Visa Co events while you are here. We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Student visas permit you to work 40 hours per fornight during course time and unlimited hours during course breaks. During course time you can break it up into any division you like eg. 20 hours each week, 30 hours one week 10 hours the next. Its up to you and your work and class schedule.

Being on a student visa you are permitted to work 40 hours per fortnight. Australia has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. Finding a job does take some time, but our Job Help can help speed up that process and make things a lot easier.

With over 22,000 courses at 1,100 institutions you can study anything in Australia. You will find something you are interested in throughout English language courses, professional courses and university courses. More Info

There are so many factors when it comes to over all cost, with the duration and field of your course being the biggest one. The four fixed expenses when studying in Australia are your course fees, medical insurance, visa cost and plane ticket. Contact us for an estimate for your specific situation.

We will match the perfect course and location to your personality and needs, find the city that is right for you and present you with all the exciting options.

We are based in Australia because we are needed here most. Our ongoing support during your time in Australia is important to us. You can contact us via phone, skype facetime or email and our experienced staff will help you every step of the way.

If you are in Australia and your visa is about to expire, Contact us immediately so we can give you options for renewing or extending your visa.



  • “I wasn’t sure what to study or where, but my advisor Gaby helped me through every step of the way. Now I study English in Sydney and live in Bondi! Perfecto!”

  • “I was thinking to do the applications myself, but saw this free service and thought why even give myself the headache. OzVisaCo have been great to work with, I have had no worries since I contacted them. I would recommend.”

  • “I came to Sydney to study hospitality and tourism, I didn’t know where to start in the whole application process, but OzVisaCo have been amazing and have sorted everything out for me, easy as!”



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